e’clat Superior Launches High Profile Men’s Skincare Range

Normalizing men’s skincare with Innovation and Luxury

While it seems perfectly alright for men to borrow skincare products from mothers, sisters, girlfriends and friends, it is better to accommodate a skincare range dedicatedly designed for them. e’clat, driven to bring innovation in the formulation of skincare products, launches its High Profile Men’s Skincare range, effortless skincare for the most amazing man. The Products a combination of simple yet effective products exclusively for men.

Men tend to face as many skin concerns as women, but fail to find the right products due to the dearth of awareness and non-availability of suitable options. Normalizing men’s skincare, e’clat has brought a luxury range to promote a healthy skincare regime for men.

The range consists of a hydrating cleanser, a skin rejuvenating serum, glowing essence, and hydrating sunscreen with pollushield, each made to fulfill its purpose to Rinse, Restore, Revive and Restrict. The four steps indicate the sequence to apply the products so as to rinse the impurities, restore the moisture, revive the glow and restrict the harmful UV-rays and pollution.

As an innovative skincare brand, e’clat formulates all its products with ingredients that are specifically combined together to provide visible results. Discussing the same, Founder and CEO of e’clat, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, says “Due to less awareness and low focus on men’s skincare, most of the men do not follow any skincare regime for the concerns they face. And with the general notion that it is only for women, it further affects their ability to develop a routine. With our range of products, we not only wish to introduce them to a simple and effective regime but also normalize the practice of skincare in men”. 

The products will be made available on the website of e’clat superior- www.eclatofficial.com  and are available for sale pan-India.

E’clat, a luxury skincare brand, stands firmly on the principles of benefitting all with a result-driven approach and aims to introduce convincing solutions to help their customers achieve their skincare goals, promoting a sense of confidence and beauty for all. 

About e’clat:

e’clat is one of the most fast-growing skincare brands in India, driven to bring in innovation and design in the field of skincare. They are focused on bringing in solutions that are specifically created to target the common and recurring skin concerns. Under the expertise of their CEO, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, the aim of the brand is to instill a sense of confidence in their customers and focus on creating products suitable to all skin types, promoting the message that “Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way”. e’clat envisions becoming the pioneer in skin-care innovation and is striving to do so by breaking barriers in the skin-care industry with its unique and thoroughly formulated products. 


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