Sikander Behl Empowers The Youth With His Visionary Approach

Sikander Behl is an accomplished and renowned social entrepreneur, who is determined to bring positive changes to society through his noble initiatives. Sikander, from an early age, had a vision of giving back to the underprivileged. His passion for the problem-solving and innate endowment of generosity and humility has helped him find creative solutions to transform lives for the collective good of society. He is a self-driven individual, who questions the status quo, never gives up, and is committed to social changes.

His dedication and pursuits towards assisting the underprivileged section of Indian society have catapulted him to the forefront of social change. Due to his strong belief that one’s life is enriched when they help others, the good Samaritan regularly distributes food and water to the homeless and destitute. His altruistic acts during the turbulent times of covid speak volumes of his contribution. In addition to arranging for food packets and health kits for migrant workers, he has given away oxygen cylinders, concentrators, masks, and sanitizers to the poor and needy. He also reached out to rural India by providing them home isolation kits.

A firm believer of the saying ‘youth is the future of India’; Sikander has taken several initiatives for youth empowerment schemes which have been met with great enthusiasm and appreciation. Owing to his oratory skills and fearless attitude, the young and determined man has led a youth crusade against many issues pertaining to the youth. Sikander, who is a strong reflection of the saying,” we carry within ourselves all the mystical powers we need to transform the world,” intends to continue his noble endeavors and work towards making the country a better place.


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