How To Crack Credibility Interview for UK Universities – Useful Tips and Strategies By Careers N’ Options

Studying overseas is a big commitment, and the university wants to ascertain that you have done your due research before arriving at the final decision. This credibility interview will also help you prepare for your visa interview. Careers N’ Options team helps students with application to UK universities and also with their credibility interview preparations. Ms. Komal Kharal, Manager Ops – Careers N Options Services Pvt. Ltd. says “ the students’ best interest is at our heart and students successes are our success.”

Students applying to study in the United Kingdom (UK) from a high-risk country, will have to participate in a UK credibility interview. The credibility interview is an integral part of the university’s decision to issue a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) letter, which will be mandatory to apply for a visa.

For some students it can seem intimidating, here are few tips on how you can prepare for the UK credibility interview and advance to the next level by Careers N’ Options team :

Understanding Credibility Interview Format

The UK credibility interview is about a 30-minute one-on-one interview between you and a representative from the university admissions office. Depending on COVID restrictions, it could be either over the phone or a video platform, such as Google MeetSkype, Zoom, etc.

Your university or consultant will tell you in advance how they would conduct the credibility interview. The credibility interview also allows the university to gauge your communication, motivation and other interpersonal skills. You should answer clearly and concisely, however, please not rush your responses.

What does the UK University wish to know?

Generally, the university wants to know more about you:

  1.       Reasons for choosing to study in the UK and choosing that particular university
  2.   Immigration history in the UK and other countries
  3.       Education history, future plans for study and post-study

When will the Credibility Interview take place?

The university’s admissions office will reach out to schedule an interview under the following conditions:

  1. After issuing a conditional offer letter
  2.   3 to 6 months before the course start date, based on the university’s discretion

How to Prepare

Below are a few tips that will help you ace the UK credibility interview:

  •         Avoid Generic Answers

Please make sure you speak specifically about the course and how it aligns with your goals.

  •         Program Content

Your answers should demonstrate your knowledge/understanding of the program’s content, especially course modules.

  •         Communicate Motivation for the course

Strongly demonstrate your motivation for enrolling in the course and how it will benefit you in future success. Think like a job interview, and establish a 3 – 5 year career plan, which must include pursuing a career in your home country.

  •         Avoid Discussing Dual Intentions

Although the UK offers 2 years post-study satay back visa,  avoid discussing any plans for living and working in the UK after you graduate. This may create contradictions to your earlier statements provided to the university and your intentions may not appear genuine.

  •         Know Your Responsibilities as a UK Student Visa Holder

You should review your responsibilities as a Tier 4 visa holder before the interview. This information can be found on the UK Council of International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

  •         Explain your financial support

It’s important to inform to how you will support yourself financially while studying in the UK. You should know thoroughly the amount you will require each year and the cost of your accommodations along with other living expenses. If a family member/parents are to support you in your higher education in the UK, know how they earn a living and their yearly income as well Students are legally allowed to work a part-time job under a Tier 4 visa, you should not be relying on a part-time job for your maintenance funds.

Careers N’ Options, is a trusted name and one of the leading organizations when it comes to overseas education consultants. With a goal to help the students execute their educational experience with intelligence and integrity, the organization plays a vital role in shaping a student’s future. More than ready to offer you support, advice, and clarification at each and every step their team is committed to delivering high-quality services. They take the time to understand the clients’ needs and are dedicated to quickening the pace and scale of intellectual and mental evolution and achieving new echelons of success.

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