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Sudhir Bishnoi Promotes Ethical Journalism via ‘Manthan Media News’

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Sudhir Bishnoi, a source of inspiration for all the youngsters has created employment ways for the people in the lockdown. This all was possible for him by his hard work and never giving up attitude. Completed double M.A. in Journalism, this guy nurtured the essence of journalism within himself. He researched the possibilities by which he can help mankind and support them in some or the other way. 


With this vision, he created a youtube Channel that is now touching the heights of success, ‘ Media Manthan News’. This channel was just like a dream on the screen for Sudhir Bishnoi. Having passion for journalism, this villager boy started covering the topics that were untouched by the government. Having a political background during his college time, proved to be his weapon in this media industry. He used this weapon and created an environment for the welfare of mankind who are still suffering. He created a platform for the people to help them and to create general awareness. Sudhir quoted, “Success comes to those people who are too busy to be looking for it.” Sudhir Bishnoi, a son of a farmer who was earlier a student studying in Jodhpur and had his strings attached to journalism. He decided to create a worldwide platform for the poor people. He decided to cover the minor topics related to poverty. A village boy with the vision of helping mankind and developing employment opportunities, gave work to the freelancers from different fields.


During lockdown, he started reporting in the rural sectors and covered the unexplained condition of the poor people which resulted into a unity as many of the business people and other people connected him and raised their voice for these people. Sudhir Bishnoi not only helped these people but also created job opportunities for more than 500 people.


Sudhir Bishnoi started his journey from ‘ News Tv India’. This multi-talented person has also done modelling in Haryanvi Industry.


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