Hariprasad Sukumaran: The Hyper-realistic paintings of this painter from Kerala will leave you speechless

Hariprasad Sukumaran whose hyper-realistic paintings are appreciated by thousands of people on the online forums has been making the genre of hyper-realism popular in India. He is one of the best hyper-realistic painters in India and he has been popularizing the art form through his online presence on Facebook and Instagram as well as he has been teaching hundreds of students to paint hyper-realistic paintings. His painting “Nostalgia” has been auctioned by the Poland Art Exhibition organization (student artworks foundation, Poland) and he was awarded a silver medal at the national level Spot Painting Competition during his college days which shows how talented and dedicated he is towards his art

Hariprasad belongs to Kerala and has been painting since he was five years old. When it comes to hyper-realistic paintings, he is one of the best painters in India. The most significant thing about Hariprasad’s works is his details in picturing the eyes of his subjects. He has an absolute mastery over it and this is what he considers as his forte. He is a personification of creativity and persistence and has been teaching the same to his students as well.

Hariprasad told us that he tries to maintain a perfect balance of light and shadow which is why his paintings successfully give an illusion of real objects to those who view them. His paintings and his craft have given him many followers and fanbases on the Internet. He has 10K followers following him including Facebook and Instagram which is enough to validate his talent and the hard work that he puts behind it.

The Hyper-realistic paintings as its name suggests are realistic-looking paintings that range from landscapes to portraits. A hyper-realistic painting can successfully fool our eyes into believing that they are actual photographs. This is really amazing but Hariprasad told us that because of the nature of his paintings, many people refuse to believe that they are paintings and some of his paintings like “Blacky” which is a painting of a black dog and “Beauty” depicting the beauty of a girl were refused to be featured on online forums just because they looked too realistic to be a painting. Hariprasad took this incident as a compliment and in fact, it proved to be a big milestone for him.

He has been painting for 25 years now and he loves to paint portraits. Other than these breath-taking paintings that he makes, he is also an assistant professor in a college in Tamil Nadu and has two amazing short films to his name out of which he has directed one and produced the other and looking forward to an adventurous journey that life has to offer to him. 

As of now, he has been running his online art academy “Hariarts Academy” where he teaches how to paint hyper-realistic paintings to people from almost all age groups. He has more than 300 students. When it comes to art, he believes that learning has no age. Hariarts Academy has students from all walks of life from various age groups and he considers it as his victory. Some of his students have already begun their journey in hyper-realistic paintings and they are already painting life-like realistic paintings. We definitely need more teachers like him in our country who can make people believe in them and above all, in art because that is where the beauty lies.


You can follow him and become part of his incredible artistic journey on Instagram www.instagram.com/_hariarts_


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