“Never give up!”, Manifests Engineer Turned Blogger, Rachna Singh

In this changing world, there has been a slight change in the perception of how we see women around us. In the modern-day, initiatives and plans have been implemented to ensure that females are treated equally with men. Their birth should be celebrated, and they should be given equal rights and opportunities, notably in terms of education and work. Gaining recognition, Rachan Singh a software engineer by profession and lifestyle consultant has been a true inspiration to many women around her.

Hailing from a farmer’s family she has faced a financial crisis while she was growing up. To complete her studies she took an education loan and with that, she proved to be the first woman engineer from her village. This was one of the biggest achievement of her as it was her first step towards achieving her goals.

Completing her schooling from a hindi-medium school, her childhood was not that idyllic for her since she couldn’t get enough of it. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in the hamlet simply to marry in her twenties, though. She was always looking for new ways to attempt new things and push the boundaries.

From being an engineer to a fitness blogger, her journey was not easy as it seems to be, there were several constraints and limitations. However, many people chastised her when she first began blogging, what she’s wearing, why she is doing this. These were the only inquiries her father received from family members which made her feel as if she had chosen the wrong field.

Due to this, Rachna wept and felt guilty many times as she was putting in so much effort and receiving criticism in return. But with her never giving up attitude she continued to pursue it with more dedication and what added more to her confidence was her parent’s support. Rachna’s achievements are the product of her hard work, as well as the blessings and unwavering support of her parents.

Being a true motivation to all the girls out there who may not have access to many resources and assistance. She suggests that one should never give up on their aspiration, if you desire something, there will always be a way to obtain it. You just have to work for it.

With a positive attitude towards life, she is an established blogger influencing many young women around her with the constant work she is providing through social media platforms.  


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