Romeo Yanger: Acting is like the Roller Coaster ride of emotions

I ran into a fabulous actor from Los Angeles recently who has been born and raised in India. He is currently attending an acting school in LA, where he’s training to become the best actor possible. It’s interesting because not only is his Indian heritage a part of what makes him unique but so is his experience living overseas and making international friends, many of whom are fellow actors and artists. He definitely knows a lot about the craft.

Romeo Yanger is a 24-year-old actor who is based in LA. The son of military parents, he started performing since childhood and hasn’t looked back since. Romeo says he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for the years that he spent studying acting in LA or his father who encouraged him to take big leaps and try for great things. Romeo not only likes to act but also watches movies and listens to music since it gives him some time off whenever things around get difficult to handle on any given day. Romeo feels lucky he was able to turn his passion into a lifelong commitment.

“Movies make us fall into them,” Romeo says, “For a few hours we are just them in their shoes. We let the world go by and then we begin to walk again.”
Romeo told us that although he is very busy with his career nowadays, earlier when he used to study at acting schools, he did some odd jobs too because he didn’t have enough time to give to the school as well. He discovered how people reacted in different situations and especially how they behaved in front of him when he was doing various jobs like being a waiter, a part-time cashier or even just delivering someone a package. For somebody who’s not really interested in taking any online courses from Harvard this would be a great way to get some valuable experience before one starts applying for top Jobs Online.

Romeo Yanger, who is a fan of Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan’s work, said, “I admire the way these directors capture the personalities of their characters and give insight into their thoughts by revealing specific details.”
Romeo Yanger is a huge fan of Tom Cruise and Al Pacino, and he says that he wishes to be a global star. He might try his luck in Hollywood and Bollywood, as well as other places around the world. Romeo is working very hard on becoming an actor who is known for his real-life portrayals of characters, rather than larger-than-life actors whose characters are inaccessible to people in their everyday lives. Romeo expresses his admiration for Zoya Akhtar’s movie work because it moves him while also keeping her character portrayals honest to life and believable.

Romeo Yanger has commented that he’s inspired by his father and wants to make him proud with his acting. From what we’ve seen so far, we’re certain he will make this happen, and soon enough too! May the likes of Hollywood or Bollywood be next on pastures new for Romeo Yanger? Not as much as us, but with dedication, enthusiasm and curiosity he could become an international film star. He deserves all the praise he receives. Best of luck to Romeo Yanger in future endeavors!


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