Ramesh Kumar Mangoria talks about Forever Maldives and how his brand is different from the rest

In this season of unadulterated hedonism, spending time in some far-flung seaside locale drenched in the sun and saltwater gives immense pleasure and enjoyment. And when it comes to rinsing off all of that briny goodness, there’s only one proper place to cleanse oneself, the Maldives. The place has it all: ocean, adventures, spas, and an unlimited amount of fresh seafood one can eat for days. Waking up to all of these at the beck and call in luxurious suites is what one desires. Under the guise of escapism, take a trip to the Maldives solo or with your partner only with the leading travel bureau Forever Maldives.

People who travel less have difficulty planning their itinerary making them feel helpless and clueless while planning a vacation. Forever Maldives caters to all the problems and plans a perfect trip to the Maldives with felicitous arrangements providing important information much needed for the journey. Being proficient in handling all the travel necessities while ensuring a safe trip, Forever Maldives plans a budget-friendly and reliable trip.

Talking about the brand, its upcoming batch and USPs, Ramesh Kumar Mangoria answers a few questions posed to him.

  1. What was the idea behind the inception of the brand, and how is it serving people?

For a very long time, we were witnessing the travel complications that people face while planning to go on vacation. Addressing the same issue, we incepted the company in the year 2020 to convert the dream of many into reality. We have packages for a solo trip, couples and families as well. Soon, we are taking a trip of solo girls as well as boyfriend-girlfriend to the alluring island of Maafushi located in the Maldives. Right from the time one thinks about a vacation in the Maldives to making the complete trip, we caters all needs and make our customers enjoy and cherish their trip hassle-free. Through our services and customer-oriented model, we have made a big name in the industry and would love to serve more people through our model.

2. How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud while booking a travel curator?

It is obvious that when travelers are looking for good deals online, they need to be careful. One should try booking a travel agency that not only has its online presence but an office located in the country. Our company, Forever Maldives, is a reliable brand catering to the industry and has completed over 50 batches with more than 1000 happy travelers. The parent company of our brand, Hiflier Travels, has an upper hand in the industry, being in the sector for ten years. Hence, with our services, we have earned a good name and a proper understanding of the industry. Additionally, for the convenience of the people, we also have an office in Noida.

3. In such a competitive world, how does Forever Maldives keep itself stand out from the crowd?

The Forever Maldives, leading group tours to the Maldives, provides a hotel right on the beach with amazing views from the room. Our pocket-friendly trip to the Maldives makes one feel the authentic Maldivian experience away from the fancy expensive water villas. The excursion is our USP, and we ensure that one would explore the real Maldives away from the highly hyped and marketed Maldives on social media. The place, Maldives, is our second home, and we take travelers further than their fears. The mesmerizing trip with blue waters all around, the boat anchored alongside a beautiful sandbank, getting down to the local island, and feeding the Stingrays will make the trip worthwhile. Sea view rooms, private balconies, parachute sailing, Jet Skis, free Wifi, and many more keep us unique from the other competitors.

4.For how many days does the trip last, and are there any such current batch that you are taking out for a tour?

The current trip is scheduled for the 12th of August and will depart from the national capital Delhi as well as the financial capital Mumbai. It will be a four-day long trip for solo girls as well as for couples. The tour package for the trip is priced at Rs 69,000 and will provide a memorable experience for every traveler on board. The delectable buffet breakfast and dinner are all included to make the tummy happy and contented, along with two extra packed lunches. Our company assists in making the most of the trip and assuring us to create a feasible tour.

5. After the Covid-19 Pandemic, is the industry booming or facing some loss?

It is out in the open that 74 percent of surveyed travel agencies claimed that they had to shut down their offices during the lockdown due to the Pandemic. The remaining tour operators who tried to manage their business somehow are running nearly by investing nine percent in the training of their employees. But the reliance on travel agents has come back amid a need for personalization and real-time connectivity following the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, the travel industry has been boosted on the back of an expedited vaccination drive after the deadly Pandemic. In 2021, the Maldives squashed all the records by attracting 1.3 million visitors.

You can contact them by dialing 9811911902








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