With Silver Play Button, Chef Sonali Conquers Digital World Via Delectable Recipes

The internet today offers all the information and recipes from simple to professional for everything and for everyone. With so many options available to suit the experience and the preference of the individual, it is a hard choice to select what suits best. To free the individuals from this confusion, Chef Sonali Mishra has introduced a ‘suitable for all’ Youtube Channel focusing on her love for cooking, and the audience’s search for good food. Named ‘Sonali’s Recipes’, the channel is a complete highlight of various recipes ranging from traditional to exotic, which is a feast for the eyes itself. Hailing from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, Sonali has become a household name, especially for easy at-home cooking recipes. 

Receiving immense love from her audiences, her channel ‘Sonali’s Recipes’ has achieved the milestone of completing five lakh subscribers on Youtube. She is also available on other social media platforms with 11 thousand followers on Instagram, 6 thousand followers on Facebook where she hosts regular live sessions receiving a lot of appreciation from her viewers. A Web Developer by profession, Sonali makes sure to use high-quality content as well as professional equipment to shoot her videos. All her videos are shot with a high-resolution camera and lights in her at-home studio ensuring a dedicated set-up for her to utilize. Sonali is also active on social media applications and platforms like Roposo, Desiplex, Spotlight, all of which have a combined audience base of over 1 lakh people. 

A doting mother to a 4-year-old, Sonali has become an expert in striking the right work-life balance and loves spending time with her daughter Pavki. Pavki also owns her own Youtube channel and goes by the name ‘Little Chef Pavki’, where she creates and shares some tasty, healthy and no-fire cooking videos for her tiny audiences for them to make harmlessly. This little family of creators is completed by a very talented Dad. Sonali’s husband is a business executive by profession but is an artist at heart. He maintains his creative streak by hosting live broadcasts on Facebook where he shares easy ways to create some impressive art and craftworks. 

Sharing her journey, Sonali says, “Cooking has always been something very therapeutic for me. It has always helped me to channel my energy in the most comforting of ways helping me to restore my peace. I am happiest when I am experimenting with dishes and ingredients I make, which has eventually led me to decide to share this new-found joy of mine with fellow food enthusiasts and individuals with my Youtube channel Sonali’s Recipes”. 

She further Shared, “Even for Pavki, I would not mind if she wishes to continue in the same field. Even if she wants to take cooking as a hobby or a career she will always have our support. Till we actually wait for that time, I just want to make sure that she knows that she can follow her heart, even though it is really a very enjoyable sight to  watch her cook for her tiny friends and viewers.”

Sonali has skillfully managed to be a full-time working professional and content creator fulfilling all her household and professional responsibilities with impeccable confidence and expertise. She has also been a part of many prominent business collaborations that includes brands like- Godrej, Healthkart, Quikr, Oreo, Agaro, Kurkure, WOW and many others who were impressed with her skills as much as her audiences. This has opened many avenues for her to explore and more opportunities to make the most of. 

The blogger is also available on a variety of other short video apps, where she posts her content. One of her videos recently became viral on Roposo, helping her to reach the Semifinale of the Roposo Contest, where she competed against lakhs of other contestants. She can also be found on a variety of other short video apps, where she posts her content for her audiences across the country. 

Sonali’s YouTube channel features a plethora of lip-smacking recipes. She even makes food and shares recipes on her viewer’s requests, so if you want her to cook anything particular to your tastes, you may just leave a request or suggestion in her comment box or Instagram DMs at any moment, and she will gladly gather her hat and spatulas, and get to work.

An inspiring content creator, Sonali has garnered immense love from all her viewers and with her skills and dedication towards utilizing her passion, encourages each one to pursue their dreams no matter what. 


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