Philanthropist Raju Manju creates history by collecting 4.30 crore rupees for cow service

Raju Manju who is known for his philanthropic act of service for needy people and cows recently created history by collecting 4.30 crore rupees for cow service in a single night during the Bhajan Sandhya in his area. He lives in Jambheshwar Nagar in Lohawat, Darasal Jodhpur district, and works day and night tending to the needs of the underprivileged and caring for cows. Raju Manju was also leading the way even during the dreadful Corona transition era, from cow service to the delivery of ration goods at the houses of hundreds of people in his neighbourhood, he helped everyone. He has also planted more than 1000 plants till now.

The contributions made by Raju Manju don’t stop here. Some members of the Meghwal community in their area once experienced tragedy. He, therefore, stepped up in response to their plight and constructed a permanent home for them. Additionally, he organised ration supplies for their families. Raju Manju claims that he continues to provide as much cow service as he can from his own side and steps up to assist those in need because of the inspiration of his Guru Maharaj and Lord Jambheshwar. He finds ultimate happiness in assisting people and serving them as much as he can.

The villagers still remember Raju Manju’s contribution to the second wave of Corona infection. Jhoomarram S/O Khamuram ji Meghwal, whose wife’s name is Dhapu Devi, sons are named Sunil and Deepak, and daughters are named Poonam and Payal, all of whom live in Meghwal’s Dhani Jambheshwar Nagar Lohawat. His two brothers passed away in Corona. There was only one individual Raju Manju, who instead of constructing his own home with the money he had saved up over a four-year period, built a home, a bathroom, and a water tank for this family in need.

It is the cumulative efforts of people like Raju Manju that help in making this world a better place. They not only uplift society but also imprint a strong impact on people’s minds. Similarly, it is Raju Manju’s wonderful work that he continued to inspire others to assist the ordinary man in addition to engaging himself. According to him, serving cows was the best service he had ever done. He has worked for the mother cow before because of this and will always be doing this.


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