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Dream come true- Apps that pay you

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Have you ever dreamt of an application that pays you for using it? Like we are using it endlessly and earning as well. Enjoying without pressure isn’t it a dream? But you know how this is a dream come true because there are some applications in the market that actually pay you when you use them. So here is the list of some of these much-awaited apps:


Survey on the go 

It is a market research platform specially designed for smartphones. This application pays users for their opinions about various topics and issues. The user can choose to opt for any category they want to be surveyed about. The application is available on iOS and Android.


After downloading the app you simply need to sign up and type the information asked, and you are done. You will be notified particularly by SMS alert about the survey. Once you have done the process US $10.00 you can cash out using a PayPal account. Every rose comes with spikes and hence this as well. The user has to follow all the instructions. The user has to provide appropriate information as well. In Fact, your survey can be rejected if you have answered in an extremely vague, unclear, use profanity, and do not follow instructions.


Gig walk

It is a cloud-based work execution platform as said on its website. It basically connects its users with business. These businesses are looking to connect with local people to complete their work such as clicking photos, testing applications, delivering, and mystery shopping. Gigs pay the user $6 to $220 and that depends upon your work location and the work offered.


Shop Kick- This can be one of the best applications because this app recommends stores and some items from that store. You can even earn more by having those recommended items in the store. You can even earn more by visiting the store and making purchases. If you are lucky enough you will get a gift card for $10.Millions of people use it to discover diverse products, plan trips and earn rewards online.



A simple way is to watch videos and scan the barcodes to earn. You can also get cashback if paid by Checkpoints. Surveys are also available to make money. This app has inbuilt games which can offer opportunities if you win the game.

A caution is that if you have earned 500 points by watching videos then stop because doing it won’t earn you more so a waste of time. So keep the track of the points you earn and use them as well.



Now, this is something we always wanted to do, that is being fit. This is the application where prior to the week you have to make a pact or bond with the app related to your activities. If you completed all the activities in the time frame you can claim the reward but in case you failed you have to give a penalty for the same as well. The user will get money which depends on the time of workout. The money calculation will start after 30 minutes of the workout.


Isn’t it so exciting that some app is paying you just to use it? Share any other similar app in the comment section.



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