Revamping Mode of Catering Industry, Karan Dutta Sets High Standards Across South Asia

“Never forget what your mentors taught you, it helps you grow bigger and reach higher.”- Karan Dutta

The possibility of failure in the struggle should not dissuade us from supporting a cause we believe is noble. We must tolerate a certain amount of disappointment, but we must never abandon hope. Believing the same, Karan Dutta, owner of House Of Catering is full of hope and has made his mark in the industry with his efforts.

Hailing from Haryana, he started his own catering business known as House of Catering. With a motto that describes, ‘Of the people, for the people, and by the people’, the company provides services that enable us to see diversity in food. The food not only has variety but has excellent taste adding perfect essence to any event.

Karan Dutta talking about its services said, “It’s not only about the cuisine; it’s about the quality, customisation, style, and service you deliver to your clients.”

He is changing the catering industry in South Asia and setting high standards. Serving people high-quality food is equivalent to worship, and the man is in charge of the realm. He considers himself lucky to have gotten acknowledgement for his talent and efforts from well-known figures. And he believes that nothing is more important than having a family. He credits his success to his family’s consistent support, which allowed him to reach his current position.

His journey of success is not as easy as it seems, he always wanted to start his own business but it became difficult for him to invest in a business as he belongs to a middle-class family. But he didn’t lose hope or change his plans, instead, he worked on it.

He did everything in his power to achieve his objectives. Indeed, the early days were terrible for him, and each night was difficult. Those who suffer, as it is accurately said, achieve great things in life.

Since he has struggled in life, he understands how much effort it takes to do even a minor task and sees it all as part of his development.

If you want to see how he has made his catering house the greatest, you should definitely check out their Instagram profile and make a reservation for your special event.


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