Abhishek Jain shares his successful journey as a Bitcoin Trader

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Bitcoin trader Abhishek Jain envisions making crypto a colloquial term by tapping the non-user market and introducing crypto coins and tokens trading to them. With plans to launch NFT trading in Q3, Abhishek’s company rBitex intends to build blockchain projects for companies and governments.

Abhishek was first introduced to the world of cryptocurrency in 2016, when an overseas client of his wanted to make a payment in Bitcoin. During his research he realised that bitcoin reels to a faster conversion to cash and is sold at a very premium price in India.

Having realised the benefits of the same he got intrigued and decided to explore more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Talking about his experience with it, he says, “Starting to invest in Bitcoin has brought a ball game change in my professional journey. Being a bitcoin trader since 2016, this has been a major source of income for me ever since. I’m a technically knowledgeable individual and what started as an expert interest before long changed over into an individual one because of the limitless extent of investigating digital currencies and blockchain innovation on the loose. There has been no thinking back and I am pleased to say that I have been a Bitcoin introducer to many.”

When one receives payment via Paypal or other such services, a hefty amount goes into currency conversion charges, but when the same thing is received in bitcoin, it pays more than the actual amount due to its premium pricing making bitcoin the best performing asset of last decade. Digital investments have enormous potential. Guessed to be an air pocket in 2017, it broke all confusions when it penetrated the $20,000 mark. Discussing its resource status, Abhishek believes it to be at standard or far superior to Gold right now..

Across the globe, governments are getting comfortable with bitcoin and it’s possible to see positive regulations and a lot of people entering into cryptocurrencies post that. Abhishek estimates a 5 Trillion Crypto economy this year. There are profits that go-away as trading fees. Exchanges charge a fee to both buyer and seller. At rBitex the best part is that they have set a 0% maker fee for life. So, when an order is placed on their exchange, one needs to pay no penny as fee.

Also, new people entering crypto markets don’t have an idea about what coins to buy and when to exit. To fill in that gap, rBitex is building an exclusive in-house social media feature to connect newbies and experienced traders making them understand the basics involved in digital investments.

Being a graduate in Business Management, Abhishek Jain has build the company with an objective to build a user-friendly platform for people to gain both knowledge and money

The month-old start-up is based out of Hyderabad and currently focuses on the Indian market. It is for certain that blockchain and cryptocurrency is revolutionary. There are ample career opportunities for people of all age and investment groups in this field and rBitex makes it easy for people to access them.

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