Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Before you can be a leader, you must first evolve as a person. It is all about rising others when you become a leader. The ability to transform a vision into action is what leadership is all about. Indian Philanthropist, actor in short films and social worker,  Sushil Tiwari Hindustani, has influenced many people.

Sushil founded the ‘Youth Nation Building’ organization with the aim of assisting people in society, and he got a lot of support for it. He has been a member of the RSS since he was in elementary school, and his selection as its president was a source of pride for him. His main goal in life has been to represent his country and government since then.

He said commenting about the youth,  “I’d like to ask all of my young colleagues to clean up the wrong mindset left behind by people in their neighborhood and to assist the needy in whatever way they can, and to donate more blood so that everyone’s life can be saved,” 

His organization’s goal is to help those who are in need. He wants the younger generation to stay away from drugs and dedicate their lives to helping the less fortunate in society, noting an increase in youth drug use.

He has a lot of clouts, and as a result, he has met a lot of famous people in his early days, such as Harbhajan Singh, Khali, and others, establishing him as a public figure. He has always been supportive, despite coming from a poor family, winning him the title of “Most Helpful” in school.

Many young people have been inspired to volunteer in their communities to help others. Many celebrities, including Navjot Singh Sidhu, have lauded him, and he was recognised by MP Manoj Tiwari for producing a drug-related documentary. The Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, thanked him for reawakening the youth and confronting such strong powers.

 Sushil does not make a lot of money, still, his top priority is to help the public and the less fortunate. He also helps the public communicate with the government policies that are sent by the government in his area.

His real identity is his love for serving the country and supporting people at all hours of the day and night, which sets him apart from anyone else.

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