Kannada Star Arun Gowda Trusts Earth Friendly Cosmetics From Manueal For A Healthier Skin

Manueal is a premium men’s grooming brand which is the brainchild of the visionary world record holder Dr.Prathik Jain who founded it in the year 2019.

The leading graphic designer received his honorary doctorate in the year 2019 and will soon be featured under the most influential 30 entrepreneur of the year. 

Hailing from Tumkur, Karnataka, Dr.Prathik Jain is also amongst the founding members of Pjmedia.in 2011, a collaborative venture of 8 seasoned skilled believers who provide top notch services of graphic designing, web and mobile development along with social media marketing, video marketing, bulk SMS etc.

This group of achievers won the “Most websites created in a day by a group” which is a national record honored by Limca Book of Records, Unique World records, Assist Book of Records, High Range Book of Records, Miracle World Records amongst many more.

A graphic designer par excellence who has set a world record for giving ‘Most Number of Graphical Pictures Makeover’ to his standard Vespa scooter in a period of only 2 hours, Dr.Prathik Jain became India’s first graphical scooter alongside his other notable world record for developing 36 websites in just 12hrs 51 minutes and 20 seconds.

Manueal is a brand that bestows both men and women with natural recipes that are a blessing for the skin while revitalising it with ingredients absorbed from mother nature. The brand is also applauded for its innovative and recyclable packaging which also promotes a sustainable planet.

An inspiration to several people, Dr.Prathik Jain with his dynamic demeanour has tried his hands in various avenues and has excelled in them seamlessly.

Born with an entrepreneurial insight, Dr.Prathik Jain began his venture ‘Manueal,’ to bless males with their blissful grooming range that redefines beauty with ease.

The website (www.manueal.com) has some impressive premium collections that are breathtakingly worth each penny and is tailored for the men of today.


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