Agritech Startup VillageAgro Is Adopting Indian Farmers Amid Coronavirus Lockdown



As the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown spreads, the situation for farmers, particularly poultry, fruits, vegetables, and dairy farmers are getting worse every day., an agritech startup founded by a bunch of IITians, comes to the rescue of these farmers. has launched the “RYTHUSTHAN” campaign, an app-based online dashboard, and a helpline number to onboard farmers to sell their farm produce directly from their farm without going to the markets. Also, at the same time, it solves the lack of fruits, vegetables, poultry, and dairy products available in the market due to the lockdown.


“We are hoping to on-board more than 5000 farmers in the Hyderabad region during the lockdown under the RYTHUSTHAN campaign and we aim to offer them higher margins on their Poultry, fruits, and vegetables through supply chain optimization. We are encouraging farmers to stay at their farms and homes and leave the logistics and negotiations with us. We are launching a farmer-friendly android application as well.” said Devender Dharavath, CEO and Founder of who is an IIT Madras alumni.


Villageagro delivers fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, and poultry products directly from farms to the businesses. The bright and dedicated team of IITians, strong supply chain optimization tools, and in-depth research has led Villageagro to grow more than 30X in the very early stage of the business. Villageagro offers higher margins to the farmers and provides them with the latest updates on technologies and trends in agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry.


“I had a 10-acre crop of tomatoes, I was very worried about not being able to sell my three months of hard work because the markets were closed and coronavirus lockdown was in effect. I sold more than half of my crop through Villageagro at my farm and got 1.5 times margins than the rest of the crop,” said Bandeppa Patil a vegetable farmer from Bidar, Telangana.


Villageagro Agritech has tied up with Meesho and several other businesses to strengthen the other end of the supply chain.




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