Paragti Seth’s affection for yoga, help her transform modern lifestyle

People with modern-day lifestyles have faced many challenges in terms of balancing personal and professional life. The unbalanced lifestyle created hurdles in the smooth transition of the life cycle, for which yoga is a vital tool, which can easily transform the lifestyle in a better way and enhance the body’s energy. Many people incorporate this art into their daily lives and even teach discipline to others. One of the shining stars in this field of Yoga is Pragati Seth, she is a skilled expert in the Yoga spectrum. 

Pragati’s affection for yoga began with motivational support from the surrounding people. Before entering the yoga world, she taught dance and at that time only her passion for yoga was ignited. In addition, she raised her bar in yoga skills while studying for a Bachelor’s in Medical Science ( from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. Pragati was always obsessed with the yoga practice, and day by day her interest level in yoga increased. She was keen to find out the deep knowledge of yoga such as its origin, philosophy and spiritual technique. Pragati’s yoga passion further drove her to pursue a degree in Yoga and Naturopathy with hospitality ( Yoga). 

Her teaching style is full of spiritual discipline based on the traditional guidelines of yoga, she also accompanies modern techniques and scientific research to form a versatile combination of the discipline components and its practices. Pragati yoga devotion provided her path to be part of India’s leading research work for Bangalore Svyasa (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Sansthan) for the project named ‘Stop Diabetes Movement’. Besides, she also assisted the MDS at one of the renowned hospitals in Bhopal. 

Presently, she is pursuing her Doctorate in yoga on the topic of the ‘Effect of yogic practices and diet on ischemic heart disease’. She added the importance of lifestyle, proper alignment of mind and body and most importantly breathing control. Pragati always encourages people to do yoga practices and disseminates awareness of breathing exercises, which improve lung health. 

Well, all that glitters is never gold and the same way her personal life journey was puzzling with difficulties and hurdles, but she never gave up on the odd situation. Instead, she bravely confronted them with a determined and persistent attitude. Pragati’s life became more severe after she lost her father at a young age. “My soul became numb at that period because I lost my great source of mentor, my Papa, who always inspired me to do something creative, and innovative and taught me a valuable lesson about life. It is a big setback for my family to lose a parent.” Pragati says. 

Despite immense distress and pain, Pragati Seth became the backbone of my family. She worked hard to support her family and also completed her graduation. Finally, Pragati established her own yoga sphere of people who were encouraged by her yoga teaching and the beneficial impact of her practice on their lives. In the field of yoga, Pragati had a huge impact and she motivated countless people to take yoga a daily routine to fix their lifestyle disorders. Her zeal for developing awareness of yoga has earned the admiration of her peers. She was also awarded the prestigious accolade ‘State Yogini Award 2023’ at the International Yogini Award Ceremony. 

In the context of future endeavours, Pragati Seth, shares her future idea are quite fascinating such as ‘Yog Gram’, which will provide a unique hospitality service. She also strongly believes that lifestyle is a major role-play in the health of human beings. Her interest is also spreading awareness towards the cardiac problem. She aims to set up a yoga plan to promote the understanding of lifestyle routines. This plan includes many asanas and mudra (posture) that will help to solve lifestyle disorder problems and make it easy to align with the life cycle. 


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