Anas Handicraftts – India’s Leading Carved Furniture Brand with 48 Years of Pioneering Expertise

This post is supported by – Hire Best Architects and Interior Designers in Pakistan. For those who love Indian handicrafted furniture, Anas Handicraftts is a brand that needs no introduction. Established 48 years ago, Anas Handicraftts has become India’s most loved carved furniture brand under the leadership of CEO Mr. Tiger Anas. With 21 national and international awards to their name, Anas Handicraftts is a pioneer in the carved furniture industry. They have made Indian handicrafted furniture go global, and their work speaks for itself.

Pioneers in the Carved Furniture Industry:

Anas Handicraftts has been a pioneer in the carved furniture industry since their establishment in 1975. They have set the standard for Indian handicrafted furniture, and their products have been recognized with 21 national and international awards. Their expertise in the field of carved furniture is unmatched, and they continue to innovate and push boundaries in the industry.

Providing Employment to Talented Indian Laborers:

Anas Handicraftts is a company with a heart for its people. They are pure patriots at heart and have given this business their all for three generations. They provide employment to talented, hardworking, skilled Indian laborers who turn logs of wood into beautiful carved Indian furniture. By providing employment, Anas Handicraftts has become a source of livelihood for thousands of Indian families.

A Dedicated Team of 15,000+:

Anas Handicraftts has a huge dedicated team of 15,000+ individuals who work with heart and soul to create beautiful carved Indian furniture. Each piece of furniture is carefully crafted by hand, and the team takes great pride in their work. With a team of this size, Anas Handicraftts is able to create stunning furniture on a large scale while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Products Displayed in Designer Showrooms Across India:

Anas Handicraftts has a huge base of 3,00,000+ satisfied clients till date and growing rapidly! Their products are displayed in huge, beautiful designer showrooms across MG Road, Pune, Maharashtra. The showrooms provide an opportunity for customers to see the beauty and craftsmanship of Anas Handicraftts’ products up close. The showrooms are designed to showcase the beauty of the furniture and help customers visualize how it would look in their homes.

Renowned Furniture Experts Since 1975:

Anas Handicraftts has been renowned for their expertise in the furniture industry since 1975. They are recognized as experts in the field of carved furniture, and their products have been featured in many prestigious publications. They continue to push the boundaries of the furniture industry and create stunning pieces that are loved by customers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Anas Handicraftts offer customization services? 

A: Yes, Anas Handicraftts offers customization services for their furniture. Customers can choose the size, color, and design of their furniture to create a unique piece that is perfect for their home.

Q: How can I purchase furniture from Anas Handicraftts?

 A: Customers can purchase furniture from Anas Handicraftts by visiting their showrooms or by placing an order online. The website features a wide selection of furniture, and customers can also place custom orders.

Q: What materials are used to create Anas Handicraftts furniture? 

A: Anas Handicraftts uses a variety of materials to create their furniture, including high-quality wood, brass, and other metals. Each piece is carefully crafted using traditional techniques to ensure durability and longevity.

Q: Does Anas Handicraftts offer international shipping? 

A: Yes, Anas Handicraftts offers international shipping for their furniture. Customers can contact their customer service team for more information on international shipping options and costs.


Anas Handicraftts is a brand that has established itself as a pioneer in the carved furniture industry. With 48 years of expertise and 21 national and international awards, their work speaks for itself. The brand has a heart for its people, and by providing employment to talented Indian laborers, they have become a source of livelihood for thousands of families. With a dedicated team of 15,000+ individuals and products displayed in designer showrooms across India, Anas Handicraftts is a brand that continues to innovate and push boundaries in the furniture industry. If you are looking for high-quality, handcrafted furniture, look no further than Anas Handicraftts.



Showroom No.1, Mezzanine Floor, 

Clover Centre, MG Road, Camp, Pune

Maharashtra, 411001 India






WhatsApp: (+91) 787-558-0558


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