Webingo Aces The Digital Space Under Expertise Of Subham Raj Sharma & Rishav Sadhu

The rapid transition from physical to digital presents both obstacles and opportunities. Top IT Solutions Companies expect increased growth in the next quarters, owing to easing supply-side difficulties and the ramp-up of deals. Even industries that were not traditionally IT-driven or had limited reliance on IT are increasingly adapting to the new normal as they see the need for more agile digital solutions with a shorter time to market. Conquering these prerequisites for Work-From-Home techniques, Webingo emerged as a leading solution for procuring all the desired digital solutions under one roof. 

During the course of the pandemic, when technology took over the world, Webingo yielded IT Solutions for successfully taking your business online delivering industry investors, private equity firms, company leaders, and stakeholders with complete insights to permit them in making important strategic decisions related to the changes in the market across the world. 

The brainchild of two exemplary and visionary entrepreneurs, Subham Raj Sharma and Rishav Sadhu, Webingo aims to stay a step ahead in their dealings and involves itself with the core investments of an entity, suggesting effective ways for long-term survival in the market. 

Crediting their expertise in the field, the Start-Up which began solely by this duo has now grown into a team of more than twenty members. The firm has successfully worked for two State Government Projects, bringing the best to the table. Being certified by UdyogAadhar, MSME; recognized and appreciated by DRDO, incubated under NASSCOM 10000 warehouse Start-ups in Kolkata, Webingo has bagged a variety of Business Awards in 2019. 

Director and the head of Sales and Marketing at Webingo, Subham Raj Sharma says, “We work towards procuring the best digital products while keeping things easy and simple for our clients to understand. Over the years, we have studied customer behavior and created patterns that help us to develop the right kind of AI that applies to the software that we provide a certain company. That has become our USP over the ages. We are accessible and our approaches are user-friendly.” 

Be it quality assurance, technical expertise, customer support, or any other IT needs are covered comprehensively by the company fortifying your digital presence. They say that no aspect of your cybersecurity is taken for granted as the company members are not allowed to share work-related information, data, and software with third parties without proper permission. 

Talking about his experiences in making the firm what it is today, Co-founder Rishav Sadhu says, “Staying and learning something new every day for the past three years in the entrepreneurial industry, I acknowledged one thing, that if you stop giving up, then no matter what, everything in life will be achievable. This is exactly what we teach and preach at Webingo, even to our employees. Everyone wants to taste success but few bleed out. So, I believe, no one can make you a loser until you consider yourself a loser. And without a second thought, I can say that this has somehow been the strong ground of Webingo’s standing in the domain.” 

Acing the digital space, Subham and Rishav have contributed to a multiplied growth of Webingo. With their mindful approaches in the field, the duo has carved their niche in the industry, also providing more opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs guiding them through the knicks of the realm.


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