Nitesh Kumar aka Nitin touches on new horizons of success through his comic sketches

Social media has changed from being a fun companion to becoming a fully integrated part of nearly every aspect of many people’s daily life in less than ten years. The importance of social media in how billions of people communicate and learn about the world has substantially increased the stakes. In the digital era, when individuals consume more online content than ever, digital media influencers are a key tool in brand marketing strategies. YouTube video producers are developing desirable allies for businesses due to their educational content and large audience. One such name that has garnered applause and popularity on the platform by creating comic sketches is Nitin Kumar. Currently, he owns all three Silver, Gold, and Diamond play buttons from youtube because of his intrinsic content.

This digital prodigy has captured the hearts of millions of people. Ahead of his time, he started pursuing hobbies as a means of support at an early age. Nitin is a YouTuber and blogger with over 260 million people watching most of his videos. In 2019, he started his career as a digital content producer with a video titled “100K Celebration,” in which he and his co-actor, Nitin, unboxed a silver play button they had won for reaching 100K subscribers on TheMriDul’s YouTube channel. Till now, they have generated desi humor films and situations of family and friends on the “TheMriDul ” YouTube channel, which has over 13.3 million subscribers. The brothers have ranked among the most popular YouTubers and influencers of 2020.

Nitin has an insatiable curiosity for interacting with people, observing their personalities, and learning about their interests. This curiosity led him to imitate the characters in his videos and inspired him to create the desi family dramatic videos filled with healthy humor. “Capturing moments makes me feel alive and helps me relive the moments I adore”, believes Nitin. When asked what advice he would give to aspiring artists, he responded, “Once you have identified who your target market is, follow your instinct and take a calculated risk. Don’t be afraid to examine widely held beliefs because every niche has a lot of unproven hypotheses. It might demonstrate your creative problem-solving capacity and help you develop fresh ideas. People in the video who are enthusiastic and passionate are likelier to keep a viewer’s attention than monotone and boring people. Just see how the enthusiasm of any stand-up comedian affects the crowd.”

Currently, he has more than 70 Vlogs uploaded to his YouTube channel, with over 500k subscribers. According to the YouTuber, a content producer needs to interact with his audience and share a few of their personal lives as well. Fortunately, this motivated him to launch his own vlogging channel to produce more responsive and attractive content. In addition, Nitin is active on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where he has over 250K followers because he thinks social media is essential in building a relationship between a creator and his fans. According to Nitin, frequently posting on these platforms encourages me to interact with others and gives me ideas for original content. Instead of focusing on quick success, he has chosen to consistently produce his content in order to expand his audience and gain their trust. Through YouTube, Nitin has been given a platform to unleash his inner creative energy, and he is here to take full advantage of it.


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