Top 7 places for a long Weekend Gateway near Delhi 

The commotion and noise of city life can be extremely draining. Long and heavy traffic jams can be a deal breaker when travelling from Delhi to Gurugram or Noida. You can take a trip to some incredible places this weekend to lift your spirits and undo the effects of this heavy life. Longer vacations give you more time to discover new places, customs, and pastimes. You can fully get to know a place by immersing yourself in local experiences. You can find the best places near Delhi to enjoy your upcoming long weekend here. 


Conveniently located just 21 kilometres from New Delhi, the capital of the country, is Bahadurgarh, a well-known city in Haryana. The primary gateway to the National Capital Region is Gurgaon, encircled by other significant urban areas such as Faridabad (NCR). Over the past few years, many upgrades have been made to the city’s buildings and infrastructure. You can, however, completely lose yourself in the serene ambience because the area’s natural and scenic splendour is still remarkably unspoiled.


The Sonipat area of Haryana is a well-liked vacation spot because of its handy location, abundance of tourist attractions, and mouthwatering local cuisine. Sonipat’s unadulterated beauty has drawn tourists from all over the nation. This city is well-known for its dhabas and restaurants in addition to its numerous tourist attractions and cultural institutions.


Located in Haryana’s Gurgaon district, Manesar is an industrial town that is expanding quickly. It is conveniently located 32 kilometres southwest of New Delhi and has excellent rail and road connections to the National Capital Region (NCR). It is one of the towns in the area that is growing the fastest because so many global corporations have set up shop there, both with offices and factories.


Jhajjar, an aesthetically pleasing town in Haryana, is a well-known and verdant city. The Rohtak district was divided to create the new town on July 15, 1997. The modern-day city of Chhajunagar is credited to Chhaju as its founder. Later on, the town was renamed Jhajjar. The other explanation claims that Jharnaghar is the name of a natural spring. There is also a theory that the town was named Jhajjar because there used to be a ship that carried water there. Thanks to its friendly locals, lots of greenery, local customs and traditions, food, and entertainment, this area is becoming more and more of a popular tourist destination.


Rohtak, in Haryana, is a quaint city. This greatly underappreciated city has many tourist attractions, well-planned residential neighbourhoods, and industrial areas.


Delhi, the capital of the country, is located about 89 kilometres from the Haryana city of Rewari. This city is also included in the National Capital Area. The last Hindu king of India, King Hemu, is said to have spent his early years and childhood in this city, according to historians. His enduring fort is located in the city’s Qutabpur neighbourhood. Rewari rose to prominence as a manufacturer of brass and copper products during his reign, including jewellery, building supplies, and kitchenware. Rewari remains one of the major global hubs for copper production, so his legacy is still very much present today.

The Vrindavan

Vrindavan, which is a historic town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, is also spelt Vrindaban and Brindaban. Situated in the Braj Bhoomi region, this site holds great religious significance, particularly for Hindus, as it is the birthplace of the Indian deity Lord Krishna. There are about 5,500 temples in Vrindavan that are dedicated to Krishna and his divine partner, Radha.

Beyond simply seeing a different landscape, weekend getaways close to Delhi are an excellent way to escape the daily grind of the city. From the constant noise and chaotic traffic that define Delhi’s everyday existence, they provide a refuge. These getaways provide an opportunity to refocus and refuel, serving as a reminder that the vibrant melody of nature is just beyond the din of the city. the historical rumours of abandoned forts, or the majesty of the Aravalli Hills. Take what you need, make your travel plans, and head out for a peaceful weekend that awaits you a short distance from Delhi’s bustling city centre.

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