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Adarsh Thampi & Sooraj K Abraham taking the food tech industry to next level

Adarsh Thampi & Sooraj K Abraham taking the food tech industry to next level
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Food tech businesses have become the current buzzword in the startup scene, and they are slowly but steadily gaining traction. The whole food supply chain is being addressed by the entrepreneurs who are time and again inventing new ways to reduce food wastage, increase crop yields, improve market access, create breakthrough technologies, and expand urban and sustainable agricultural methods around the world. 

It is said that behind every great brand, there is a revolutionary mind who brings something extraordinary that has never been introduced to the world before. Comprehending the increasing number of environmental and health concerns, Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham are bringing a revolution in the organic farming industry with their extensive knowledge about the food tech businesses.

With the motive to educate people about the benefits of using organic products, founder  Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham took the initiative and launched the firm Prazinos. The idea behind establishing Prazinos was to enable customers to access all stuff organic in one single place. With the introduction of natural and chemical free products, the founders aim to make organic food more accessible and affordable to the consumer, and create new opportunities for farmers by motivating them to adopt organic farming practices. 

Talking about their success journey, the founders say, “We have always been passionate about the food tech industry. Driven by passion, we decided to assist small tech businesses who find it difficult to get funds in their early stages of business. The food tech business Prazinos focuses on making organic raw and processed food a routine rather than a luxury. Till now, the firm has garnered a lot of responses from the survey and we are looking forward to setting up the organic food industry in Karnataka where the brand can get the liberty to not compromise on quality.”

The company is currently established  in the state of Karnataka, but it plans to expand its operations across India over the next five years. The founders are continually working and going through extensive market studies to determine client needs and make the brand a renowned name in the realm of organic food industry. With the diligent efforts and positive outlook, the brand Prazinos has bagged the  GTF Bangalore Business Award 2018 for Information and Technology under the guidance of phenomenal leaders Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham. 

Organic fruits and vegetables have achieved the reputation of luxury among the majority in a third-world country like India. Attempting to make organic food cost-effective in India, the founders are round-the-clock working and presenting a huge opportunity for the people who dip into innovation, harness technology, and adopt unique consumer engagement initiatives. With the exemplary firm Prazinos, the founders Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham are creating awareness on healthy eating habits and making organic food accessible to all.

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