Savour the Taste From the Heaven by Arabian Grill

Arabian Grill is a family-style restaurant that opened in 2019. A family-style restaurant is not only for the family but also for friends, couples, etc. They provide quality food in a peaceful and cool ambience. This ambience will help people reduce stress during mealtime. They started their culinary business in Varkkala, and now they have expanded to Peroorkkada too.

The restaurant is said to be multi-cuisine when various continental meals are presented. Arabian Grill serves a variety of flavours. Arabian Grill serves dishes from multiple cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, etc. Arabian Grill is a perfect restaurant according to the price factor and the quality of the food. They are famous for their tasty food and the way they welcome people. All their customers share their feedback about their warm welcome and the quality of the food. They never use any chemical ingredients to increase the taste. They cook with their love. They think that every customer, apart from satisfying their hunger by eating food, will also satisfy their mind. They are successful when they see the happiness in all customers.

One of their clients talks about Arabian Grill and says, “My passions are travelling and having variety and good food. I would travel any distance to have wonderful food. Many times I had to travel out of Varkala to have variety and tasty (quality) food with family or friends, but since ARABIAN GRILL @ Puthenchantha, Varkala, got opened on December 23, 2019, we couldn’t think of any other options to dine out. They provide you with good quantity without compromising quality food on time, with friendly staff and management serving you. We would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who would love to trigger their taste buds”. These words are the success they won.


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