Mojo Kids – The Best Play area and Development Center in Bandra, Mumbai

“Mojo Kids” – Today’s term for the best play area and development centre in town! Had modest beginnings. Mojo Kids, which opened in 2018, was more than a play area or an activity centre; it was a dream! Shiraz Khan and Aisha Khan’s Dream of Two Children Loving, Visionary, and Enthusiastic Entrepreneur Siblings.

As we all know, times have changed and the definition of outdoor play has become obsolete in today’s fast-paced world. Parents are typically preoccupied with their work lives and rarely have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children during their early years, missing out on critical developmental milestones.

Aisha, as a mother and entrepreneur, was confronted with this issue on a daily basis. As a result, she began her search for the ideal play area for her children, one that was not only safe but also full of opportunities and activities for her children to learn while having fun. The search was not fruitful on all levels in any one location in the city. Some lacked infrastructure, while others lacked skilled personnel. All of this was the beginning of conceptualising an all-in-one solution for the new generation of toddlers!

Along with her brother Shiraz, who has an entrepreneurial mindset, Shiraz has always been at the forefront of the business’s planning, design, and operations. He is constantly on the lookout for newer innovations through activities, workshops, and so on that can be of great value and interest to the children. He has also painstakingly crafted every minute detail of the play zone’s design to ensure that it is ergonomically fit for children to use.

Shiraz has been able to strategically identify key pain points faced by parents for wholistic development of their children through feedback from children and parents over the years. With this in mind, he is constantly on the lookout for better opportunities, learning technologies, and ergonomic activities for Mojo Kids that can be incorporated to help children overcome Gen-Z obstacles.

Mojo is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and the learning and development hasn’t stopped. Aisha and Shiraz collaborate every day to harness the power of new learning techniques, games, and activities to be incorporated at Mojo and to be able to provide the best to the children of tomorrow!

Shiraz and Aisha have given their all to keep Mojo Kids at the top where it is today thanks to the unwavering support of the hardworking employees at Mojo, the comments from Parents and Patrons, and the direction of their mentor. Additionally, they continuously work to ensure this institution’s continued expansion.


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