AMS Inform Supports Gig Economy with its End-to-End Background Verification Services 

The gig economy involves a work arrangement wherein employers enjoy the flexibility of the working load as well as working hours. In the face of a global pandemic, the gig economy has emerged as the future of work. However, the gig economy and freelancing also carry the threat of the authenticity of the gig workers and freelancers. AMS Inform is a background checking service provider that assists the emerging industry of the gig economy to authenticate their freelancers or contractors.

In the post-pandemic economic reality, more and more individuals are looking for new ways of generating income. This has given a push to the gig economy as it gives the individuals a way to avoid the traditional 9 to 5 hustle. The emergence of several gig economy companies like Airbnb and Uber, and platforms like Fiverr and Upwork is proof of the growing popularity of the gig economy. In 2020 alone, Fiverr registered an increase of freelance registration by 48% over Q3. However, in this kind of contractual work arrangement, the need for background verification on the candidates has obtained an even more important status. 

A comprehensive background check is required not only to ensure the job competency of the candidates but also to the safety of the company. As the freelancers and non-permanent workers get access to sensitive data about the businesses, their authenticity and reliability and authenticity should be checked as the top-most priority through a thorough background check. AMS Inform provides an innovative background check platform to the gig economy businesses to allow them to run background screening of their hires. Some of their screening services include:

  • Identity Verification    

Identity verification is one of the first steps and key aspects of a pre-employment screening process. AMS Inform’s identity verification service can help the gig economy companies to verify the biographical details and identity globally in the fastest turnaround time. For Indian companies, they have also introduced their automated platform called Factum. Using this platform, the businesses will be able to accomplish identity verification for Indian candidates within less than a minute. The companies can integrate Factum API in their platforms to produce accurate identity verification results.

  • Criminal Check & Court Check

A criminal check is an important component of the background checks irrespective of the geographical location or scale of the business. The gig economy organizations are especially vulnerable to criminal threats as they deal with a temporary workforce. AMS Infom’s CourtCheck software collects data from various domestic and bodies of convicted persons to generate a comprehensive report on the criminal background of the potential job hires. 

Ensuring compliance with the judicial rules and regulations is essential for all kinds of industrial sectors across the globe, including the gig economy. The task can be extremely complicated, overwhelming, and time-consuming for gig employers. CourtCheck platform is also capable of running all kinds of civil court verifications to create a wholesome background screening report on candidates. 

AMS Inform’s CourtCheck platform is a reliable tool to make sure that your candidate does not have any civil or criminal court background.  They also have on-ground teams that visit jails, courts, and bureaus to access all kinds of non-digitized records to confirm the accuracy of their criminal check reports. The platform generates a full-proof report after checking all Indian civil and criminal court records within the timeframe of 24 hours.

  • Digital Address Verification

Verifying the address of your job candidates is an effective way to make sure that their residential background is safe and reliable. Using AMS Inform’s digital address verification service, anyone can verify the address of the candidates without any geographical limitations. The platform can run verification anywhere in the world and, that too, within 5-10 minutes. Its algorithms based on geocoding/ IP addresses and GPS coordinate triangulations in more than 100 countries make global digital address verification a matter of a few simple clicks.

Since its inception in 1986, AMS Inform has been working tirelessly to bring innovation to the background screening industry. They have multiple cutting-edge tools like ChcekMyAdress, CourtCheck, TrakMyAsset, and Twilio & WhatsApp integration APIs in their product portfolio. Their AMS: Verify is a dedicated platform that makes background verification a hassle-free and less time-consuming process for every big, medium or small enterprise. As the gig economy is solidifying its presence in the industrial sector, AMS Inform can streamline background screening for gig economy organizations across the globe.


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