Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
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IAMSHE- A platform founded by Priyanka Agarwal, who, in addition to being a digital content creator and lifestyle blogger, owns two successful businesses of her own.

This initiative began during Covid’s initial wave, when the majority of people were experiencing breakdowns, mental health concerns, and a loss of hope. It was clear that such an effort was needed to help people recognise the value of lifting their spirits.

Priyanka makes it very clear that IAMSHE is not a channel that exclusively supports women, but rather one that supports people of all genders. She is someone who enjoys initiating conversations and connecting with people.

She claims that during her travels, she has noticed that there are many people who appear joyful on the outside but are suffering on the inside. Many are physically present, but they have no idea where they are emotionally. It feels like they’re simply trapped. Priyanka wants to inspire people who are unable to speak up for themselves or who lack a sense of purpose in life.

“Most people will listen to a long motivational speech but forget even the tiniest of details that they need to remember, and IAMSHE is here to remind you of those small details, to ensure that those little things in your life can actually be all that can make you happy. IAMSHE is here to inform you 24 hours a day, seven days a week that life is about falling down & getting back up, and that you must get up on your own since no one will come to your rescue”, says Priyanka.

As Priyanka Agarwal so eloquently stated, “The majority of people nowadays discover dirt in one another and seek to criticise them, but imagine how lovely it would be if you believed in finding gold in people. To be realistic, the only thing that is required more, especially in today’s environment, is kindness.”

She goes on to say that no one should ever compromise on their career goals. “I feel terrible when I see women degrading themselves in any way, emotionally, physically, financially, or socially, only to meet their basic requirements for luxury. That is just heart breaking. Please understand that this is your success story and that you cannot compare it to anyone else’s. Find your life’s purpose, which entails embarking on a road of self-discovery, self-love, and self-awareness.”

She strongly advises us to refrain from comparing ourselves to the wealthy, as you never know whether they are actually happy or just pretending to be.

“If you progress from 1RK to 1BHK, that is your success story and it completely makes sense when your success narrative begins with a bicycle and ends with a car. This is IAMSHE, and this is what I believe in.” says Priyanka Agarwal.

Priyanka makes short videos and posts them on her IAMSHE Instagram and Facebook channels. Her goal isn’t to build a large fan base, but to empower and assist as many people as possible.

If someone truly requires emotional assistance, IAMSHE connects them with the relevant people, such as a counsellor, psychiatrist, or therapist, where she devotes one hour every day after work to it.

Get in touch with IAMSHE and it will undoubtedly be valuable to you in some way!

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