Make It Happen: Cosmos Sports Started a New Beginning at Kollam and Dubai

The complete sports store, Cosmos Sports, opens its new branches in Kollam and Dubai, too. Complete Store means that the complete sports store has advanced sports equipment and accessories with superior quality at the best rate available. All customers are satisfied with their service. That’s why they start new branches.

Cosmos serves their customers all over India and the Middle East and is thrilled to be a part of the fair-trade wing of the real industry. In wholesale and licencing, the group retains a portfolio of world-famous brands as well as our own brands. In addition to this, Cosmos Sports is actively planning to expand with the aim of making their sports inclusive for all by supporting the community’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Cosmos Sports started with a humble beginning in 1990. When they first started out, their passion for helping others develop life skills through sports and providing the best equipment for a healthy lifestyle drove them to do intense research and gave them the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming brand. Sports help children learn lifelong skills, empower women, engage men, and remove discrimination in communities. Sports provide a platform for people to come together to build and sustain values.

Cosmos opened their branch in Kollam on April 29th. It was inaugurated by Sri. Mukesh (MLA, actor, and producer), Sri. M. Noushad (MLA), Ms. Saniya Iyyappan (Actress), and Sri. Chef Pillai in the presence of Cosmos Sports Managing Director Abid Nishad and Executive Directors Adil Nishad, Abdul Nizar, and Noushad PA.

The other branch opened in Arjan, Dubai, on May 4th. Witness the grand inauguration by the esteemed Ajmal Khan and Faryal Fairry.


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