Singer Monty Bhandari makes debut with his first song ‘Kaali Lambo’

The Indian music industry is filled with talented singers who have redefined the way songs are made. With a plethora of genres existing in the industry one has options to choose from. Many singers have made us proud with their melodious voices. And, one such singer is Monty Bhandari who has produced various songs.  Having a beautiful voice, he is carving a niche for himself in the industry. 

With his great music beats and strong Punjabi tadka at its core, the singer has made his debut as a singer. The musician, who has a strong passion for music and entertainment, has released the song ‘Kaali Lambo’ on their official YouTube website under the label ‘Cali Boys,’ to much acclaim. Despite his lowly beginnings, the singer never gives up on his aspirations and works 24 hours a day to make music that comforts people’s souls.

This incredible song was performed by Monty Bhandari. Preet Word was writing the words at the same time. Furthermore, Gursharan Pannu, who has been at his side through every good and bad point in his life, produced the song. In addition, the song was directed by Yash Wadali, who made his directing debut with this song’s release. The artist is on his way to become a solid support system for those who are just getting started in the music industry, thanks to his sincere efforts and emotional approach.

Talking about his journey Monty Bhandari stated, “I adore composing music that can revive the soul of individuals. Music empowers me and allows me to bring something that nobody has introduced yet. Nothing in the world is easily achievable. To carve out a niche in your chosen field, you must put in the effort and stay updated with the recent trends.”

Further he added,, “I feel blessed to come across the remarkable opportunities that have helped me successfully imprint my foothold in the entertainment realm. Everybody is unique in their own way but what makes them climb the success ladder is their utter devotion and industrious efforts toward their goal.”

Even after facing several setbacks in his professional career, the singer never gives up and instead takes a chance on his talent by launching his own music label to conquer the music industry. He has demonstrated that nothing is impossible if you have a strong will to succeed. 

The musician, who has worked as a truck driver, store manager, and maid before creating a name for himself in music, is becoming an inspiration to millions of people who have given up when faced with misfortune. The musician has also put in time and effort to appear on a number of television programmes. In 2011, he appeared on the reality show “Super studs” and took part in a few NDTV Imagine episodes. Apart from that, the singer has participated in numerous photo sessions and was featured in a men’s magazine in 2007. The vocalist, who hails from Amritsar, aspires to write songs that would inspire future musicians to create music that will make a difference in the world of music.


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