Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Having discovered the world of love, romance, and fiction, the young and meticulous writer from Delhi, Nupur Luthra embarked on a new journey of taking her characters and the readers through an intense murder mystery. ‘Silent Murder’ is the lady’s new venture that explores the world of vigorous and exceptional secrecy, all the while developing her protagonists for the big reveal.

The writing odyssey

Holding a degree in English Literature, Nupur Luthra has been a bibliophile ever since the start. She traverses through a variety of genres including romance, politics, travel, and murder mysteries. Following this, she studied and built her own style in order to carve her niche for delivering novels that make a difference. 

‘A soldier’s daughter, Divergence, Disturbed Death, Our Love That Fell Apart, and Silent Murder’ are her other five published works.

‘Silent Murder’ to make people sit on the edge of their seats

Nupur was mostly known for her love and fiction novels, but she ventured into new terrain with a murder mystery. Silent Murder, her most recent fiction novel, is about the murder of two young lives. She wasn’t sure if she could write this novel because she wasn’t used to writing murder mysteries. Regardless, she accepted the chance.

Her most recent work “Silent Murder,” is the story of Nick, who has the perfect life working in the White House and loving with his wife Bridget. Things change, though, when he realizes that his grandfather is not who he believes he is. Nick is left with some unsettling concerns about what could have happened after learning a secret about a murderer, and he is motivated to get answers. 

Nick is both perplexed and enraged. His granddad fascinates him since he appears to be concealing the truth. Someone from his past reappears in his life as he searches for answers. The mere plot of the novel makes the readers so engrossed that it is believed that once started, you will not be able to put down the novel before finishing it.

The book is now available on Amazon for avid readers to get their hands on it.

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