Five social media applications that are creating a stride with their features

At this point, life without social media is an unimaginable one. Today, it is more than a mode of communication. It is a place where people share parts of their lives and show the world there; some even use social media as their diary to store their memories.

Statistics show that in 2021, around 4.26 billion people were using social media globally, which is anticipated to increase to almost two million. Thus, around six billion people will use social media by 2027.

The dynamics of social media keep witnessing a change every now & then; owing to this, many applications have also been creating a stride in the domain. Here are five applications that are a good alternative to all the mainstream social media platforms.

  1. Ownsfare

The application Ownsfare is one of the top alternatives to traditional social media platforms. Unlike others, this application by Vasukam provides a safe space and allows users to create a sphere of their community where they can talk about anything and even share the content they like.

The unique social networking platform has been helping people connect by bringing them closer to one another. The Audio Flicks Section is one of the app’s unique features; it adjusts the cover art and illumination of the app, to match the album’s mood and vibes.

Then instead of famous hashtags, they have Quotags where you don’t have to worry about spacing between words inside the tags, that are more meaningful and straightforward to search. Digital content may be bought, sold, and traded between users on the platform to show appreciation and cherish the memories. The audience may also thank users by giving them tips or awards for their contributions. Use the link to be a part of their fam.

2. Bebee

What can be a better combination than having LinkedIn and Instagram in one place? Well, the social media platform Bebee allows its users the same.  This app’s users are referred to as ‘bees.’

They often refer to the organisations they interact with as ‘hives.’ The content is also given a funny name, called ‘honey,’ and the shared content is called ‘shared buzz.’ Users can create clients, share pictures, and post creative content.

People with similar interests could continue their work now that personal branding is complete. The most intrinsic feature of this software is how it merges work and play.

3. Twitch

Twitch is a great platform for someone who enjoys listening to the commentary of their favourite influencers or broadcasters and watching games.

It is a website where gamers may watch live streams. Non-gamers might not be enticed by the fact that they can watch others play. Twitch has 15 million daily users. Video games are their main focus.

The application also allows users to become a partner and make money. One can do this by streaming and growing their fanbase. The revenue model of Twitch is one of the most appreciated ones.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media interaction platform that helps businesses build strong relationships with their audiences. Thanks to the third-party connectivity this social media engagement platform offers with many other applications, like Salesforce & UserVoice, one can gather customer support and conversations through a single email.

Thus, the application makes it easy to collaborate with members and manage social media as a team. One of Sprout Social’s USPs is its capability to handle social media in a team environment.

However, if one wants to increase their Sprout Social plan’s capacity by three to five persons, they will have to pay money.

5. Aether

If any fan of the bluebird application is looking to switch to another social media app due to all the recent chaos, Aether is a great alternative.  Although each community’s moderators are responsible for that community,

Aether still moderates posts to ensure that every guideline is followed. Any society allows users to publish and set up several accounts. The comments one publishes are not archived is an important benefit of Aether.

Anything they post is screenshotted, but everything disappears. However, there isn’t a mobile app. Thus the only way to use the Aether is to download the desktop application.

The world of social media is going to evolve with each day. It is becoming essential for companies to give their best to put forth new intrinsic features, and the ones mentioned above are on their way to creating a stride.

In the coming time, it is assumed that more positive changes will improve the way social media functions.


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