AnBac Advisors’ Knowledge Donation to help Early stage Start-ups sustain through COVID-19

While dealing with the catastrophic effects of coronavirus we always talk about the rising health concerns and how it has affected the economic slowdown. But, under the wider umbrella of economic slowdown, we also need focus on the broader picture of the global economy and its impact on the country.

Most Corporates have shown their compassion in these difficult times through monetary contribution, a Startup consultancy firm, AnBac Advisors has taken an initiative to provide free oral advisory support to Startups in the first 24 months of their operations.

The novel Coronavirus which has brought the entire world into a standstill has also brought trade and business to a halt. India is home to numerous Startups, owing to the government initiative which supported the exponential growth of startup culture in recent years.

But considering the current situation where the acute market slowdown has severely hit the market, it has become very difficult for startups to survive the blow of the lockdown. Unlike bigger organizations, startups lack the resources and monetary back-up to sail through these stressful times.

They are under the shock of sudden turn of events, find themselves helpless and incapable of fighting against the economic downfall. “In most cases, being new to the industry, though they are full of skills, are inexperienced to act during such crisis. Most Fund Houses have also indicated that this is going to be a difficult time for raising funds coming next 6 months. We feel, that we can make a small humble contribution by providing our knowledge services against Nil Fee to support Startups during these tough times.” said Anuj Bali, the founder of AnBac Advisors.

In such a moment of depression, people need to stand for humanity. For which AnBac Advisors has decided to deploy their services through Knowledge Experts to the stressed startups and small, medium businesses for Nil charges during thirty days program, helping them to fight and manage themselves against the COVID-19 outbreak.


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