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What is Techbuz and how is it revolutionising the Indian AI Industry/Market?

We, a team of 4 members started teckbuz to bring technology more convenient to the common man. Our vision is to make human life much easier by using artificial intelligence.
Today we are developing a few projects with AI we are concentrating more on security our products will provide high security for the users.

What is the significance of Antivirus in Artificial Intelligence?

By using artificial intelligence we are providing much more security for the machine. Especially it provides high security while doing online bank transaction. Through which we can reduce the cyber crimes


How AI and deep learning is defining the future of startups in India?

Obviously, the future is AI, a lot of startups are focusing on artificial intelligence to bring solutions to a lot of major problems. Startup with proper planning and execution will definitely reach the success

What is your take on the Indian Cyber Law’s?

Cyber laws are really very good but few more laws have to be made to bring justice

Teckbuz solutions the company stands for quality, a major part of the company success is because of my strong team. We all are like-minded our company CTO ms paladugu Amrutha Chowdhary supporting the company in technology her dedication and creativity mindset bringing add on advantage to the products.
Mr pillela Krishna Chaitanya and kancharla Harsha Vardhan heading the business development their presence and the way they are taking the organisation into the market is really awesome

Along with them, my project manager SIVA GOPi, Karthik and chavali sastry who is heading the HR team, each and everyone in the organisation working so hard.

How techbuz is writing the new normal for the businesses in India?

Our dream is to bring Indian made operating system that works with artificial intelligence, we all are working on this project really hard to bring this by May 2021.

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